Country Estate, Berkshire

A kitchen garden like no other

Garden Designer Bradley Burgess has transformed a large expanse of lawn at an Arts and Crafts Manor into a working kitchen garden. This was the missing part of the jigsaw puzzle that makes up this fine country estate complete with mature gardens, multiple lodges, swimming pools, a golf course, stables, tennis courts and so on. With multiple entrances to the kitchen garden, we needed to create a sense of place, focal points to draw you in, zones to make the space feel intimate, areas to sit down and relax, destinations to spark intrigue and interest throughout the year.

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A Bespoke Green House

Inspired by Gravetye, The Newt and West Dean, we worked closely with Hartley Botanic to create this one of a kind Green House used for propagation, harvesting and enjoying a cup of tea. Adjoining the Green House and separated by a gable end with hand carved stone corbels, sits a potting shed complete with a kitchen and water closet for the estate staff. The backbone to the scheme is a 32meter reclaimed brick wall which supports the garden structures and provides the perfect backdrop to the garden and a heat source to bake the espalier fruit trees. We used traditional building methods in keeping with the Lutyens House, materials such as lime mortar and historical architectural proportions were incorporated into the garden design which provide instant maturity, we wanted this new element to the estate to blend in seamlessly.

300 Species in Planting Design

The clients gave us free rein with the garden, allowing us to commission bespoke garden sculptures, water features, a green oak barn, seating areas and to use reclaimed elements such as the gate, lead down pipes and potting shed door. Whilst designing this garden, we knew colour was going to be important. We wanted a real succession of it from April to November. The importance of detail and variety in the planting is a considered process. The 300 species of plants include bulbs to blossom on fruit trees and then moves to perennials, which start off bright and zesty with golden Achilleas and Euphorbias, moving into shifts, such as the Echinacea Pallida with the Liatris Pycnostachya. This garden is playful and inviting. It draws you in and provides somewhere to wonder round, to think, eat, relax and garden. We’ve combined three different planting styles which include prairie, block planting and perennial borders, the number of species attract an abundance of pollinators and a wide variety of wild life.

Vegetable Garden Design

This garden provides a sensory overload, its emotive, captivating, it provides an experience, enhances your mood and state of being. The planting combinations are dreamy and soft, making it very easy to get lost in this garden. The network of pathways are made up of brick, stone and Breedon gravel, this adds drama of the scheme, the layers, texture and porosity of the garden design. Whilst designing the garden we divided the space into zones, the 6 vegetable borders relate directly to the glass house. From there, two further spaces were developed which include the water features and statue. A further 5 borders were designed to tie the entire scheme together.The outdoor integrated lighting design allows the garden to be used all year round. The irrigation system is not only eco friendly but state of the art, with built in sensors and mobile app technology it takes the worry out of your investment.

Large scale garden transformation

Garden tranformations for country estates like this one in Berkshire are just one of the reasons Bradley Burgess is considered by many to be in the top 50 garden designers and landscapers in UK.