Interior Design Projects

Garden Design and Interiors

Bradley now focusses almost entirely on garden design, but his extensive interior design experience ensures he creates the perfect transition from outside to inside. He believes the juxtaposition between inside and outside, should be one, that works in perfect harmony.

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Sustainable Garden Design and Interiors

Gardens and Interiors share many similarities. Its all about layers, tones, textures, from the wider aspects down to the smaller details, establishing zones for purpose, creating strong bones, ensuring a flow throughout the space, creating views from one space to another, repetition of materials and colour palettes provides harmony within a scheme, using scale and proportion also adds to the drama and opulence, form follows function, the clients lifestyle should be reflected within the design, all demographics should be included and catered for, we design spaces to look timeless ‘classic with a twist’ will always remain our design philosophy! We try to avoid waste and implement sustainable and eco-friendly garden design schemes which will stand the test of time. We avoid trends for this very reason, we look back to great architecture and historic design for inspiration.

Garden Design is an extension of the interior

The garden can be a seamless extension of the indoor living space if the design is considered well. Repetition of materials from inside to outside creates a cohesive space. Choosing the right furniture for each scheme is intrinsic to the overall feel. Ideally, it should reflect the interior and vice versa. We would suggest using similar floral patterns in fabrics to the plants used in the garden, if you were laying a herringbone floor inside we would continue the same style outside which would increase the appearance of space and consistency.

Landscape Architecture and Interiors

Entrances and exits provide so many opportunities, we capitalise on views and vistas between the spaces by using sculpture and other focal points. The architectural proportions of the building should be reflected in the garden. A sophisticated property will boast a beautiful garden and a stylish interior, it's all about balance. We adhere to the same design principles whilst designing Alfresco living spaces, the use of similar materials, patterns, layouts, textures, symmetry or a-symmetry all play a big part in designing both the interior and exterior of a property.

Garden design for the architectural vernacular

Both garden design and interior designshould respond to the architectural vernacular of each property, geographical cues and the individual culture, lifestyle and taste of the client. There is mystery, romance, theatre and perfection in all of our garden designs and interiors.