Country Estate, Surrey Hills

Landscape design currently under construction

In collaboration with Nye Saunders Architects, Bradley Burgess Garden Design were tasked to set all buildings, agricultural land, and existing garden within the landscape of this fine country estate set within the Surrey Hills.

A masterplan of the gardens and estate was conceived to tie together the existing Manor House, a significant extension to the main house, 6 barn conversions, a Hartley Botanic GreenHouse, garaging, staff quarters and stables. The beautifully considered renovation required something equally as special for the gardens. Considering the age of the Manor, the grounds are somewhat of a blank canvas, we were tasked with creating a series of gardens to link the old with the new and vice versa.

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We took inspiration from the Newt in Somerset, a world-famous garden to create a meticulously planned colour wheel that moves around the estate. From cool soft blues, lilacs, purples, whites, silvers, and dark green taxus topiary pieces as you arrive, all very traditional and in-keeping with the Grade II listed Manor House. To splashes of vibrant colour, as you turn the corner! Between the side of the house and Kitchen Garden, we’re installing a vast prairie garden filled with a kaleidoscope of colour typical of the prairie planting style, this will be broken up by a maze of taxus hedging and avenues of specimen trees. The prairie garden leads you through to the working kitchen garden which will be traditional in style and rich in texture. Wandering back past the tennis courts and existing pond, you reach the rear of the property which has been designed to incorporate a magnificent terrace overlooking acres of farmland and views towards the Surrey Hills, the terrace stretches the entire length of the house and will be broken up with various seating areas, a rich palette of purples, yellows, strong blues, delicate whites and zesty greens. The terrace has been subdivided with architectural muti-stems, parasol trees and various forms of Taxus topiary pieces to achieve a contemporary edge to the traditional layout of the garden.

A nod to the past

From the rear terrace, you move towards the swimming pool garden which is surrounded by an abundance of espalier fruit trees, citrus fruits, and a Mediterranean combination of planting styles and colour palette of cool lilacs and purples with the occasional pops of yellow. The interplay between each area is subtle and cohesive, we carve out views from one area to another. We seamlessly blend the modern with the traditional. In contrast to the rest of the estate, you reach the courtyard garden, which was once used at the estate’s farmyard, and now used for the back of estate staff, garaging, stables, and the party barn, we’ve used rich in colours as a nod to the past! The palette includes burnt oranges, hot reds, burgundies, and an array of subtle lilac tones completing the spectrum of colour which encompasses the entire estate.

300 species of plants

Set in a large and expansive landscape, the garden bleeds out to the horizon through a mass of ornamental grasses before blurring with wildflower meadows and the wider landscape. Nearly 300 species of plants have been included within the planting design. Avenues and an arboretum of trees have been developed to create a legacy for the owners and to break up the green backdrop, striking Taxus topiary pieces and hedgerows have been planned for this Surrey Garden. We’ve also included a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs which creates an interactive feel to the planting scheme, you can walk around grazing or collect fresh produce for an entire meal. It is this attention to detail that makes us one of the top garden designers in Britain, it is our ambition to create unique landscapes throughout the world.