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Commercial Garden Design

Garden Design for Hotels, Restaurants, Parks, Venues and Offices

Bradley Burgess Design offers a multi-disciplinary commercial garden design service creating distinctive, individual outdoor spaces that will enhance and promote your business. We see our work in commercial spaces, whether offices, restaurants, or hotels, interior or exterior, as a continuous whole with our work in domestic gardens. We bring the same creative approach and sense of collaboration with nature that we employ on country estates or town gardens.

We have a wealth of experience with design and building high-end commercial garden spaces, as well as collaboration with architects, interior designers, property management companies and other contractors. We’ll create a distinctive, unique design to suit your venue, one that will inspire your team and all who visit.

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In 2018 Bradley Burgess Design was recognised by the Garden Media Guild, The English Garden Magazine, Country Life, The Society of Garden Designers, Landscape and Urban Design, Pro Landscaper, Surrey Life, Berkshire Life, Hotel Designs, Design Curial, The Times and The Telegraph for the garden transformation created at YTL’s five star Luxury Boutique Hotel Monkey Island Estate. Nominated for numerous awards Bradley Burgess garden design is now considered to be one of the country’s leading landscape designers.

The Surrey based garden design studio is renowned for turning blank canvases into landscapes that offer a rich and multi-layered experience – places with emotional depth that derive from the ideas behind their design. Juxtaposition and contrast are a theme that runs through much of our work, between simplicity and complexity, the modern and the romantic, between subtle intervention and decisive statement. Our gardens exude a richness of form and texture which belies the economy of meaning by which this is achieved. We look to forge connections between people and place, which allows us to work in both the residential and commercial sectors.

We use local materials wherever we can and select plants fit for their surroundings, increasing ecological diversity and in turn making our garden designs more sustainable. A garden is a place that quietly articulates emotions and ideas, it is our role to set the scene without imposing a story. A beautiful country house or hotel is as much about its surroundings as its bricks and mortar.

It is our ambition to be included within Country Life’s top 100 best garden designers and landscapers in Britain. Our gardens are seductive, transformative, and ever changing, they draw you in, captivate your imagination and alter your state of being. Whilst designing commercial gardens the brief is often broad and all encompassing, the outdoor space needs to be a true reflection of the building’s narrative and purpose. Whilst designing a garden for the public realm, the focus remains on the community the owners hope to attract. Bradley Burgess Garden Design will create an extraordinary space to suit your venue.