Family Garden Designs

Happiness and pleasure all year round

We design beautiful gardens to create joyful areas for family and friends to spend time together, spaces which inspire and encourage fun, exploration and interaction with the natural world. Gardens which bring happiness and pleasure all year round.

We’ve designed and installed many beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces for multi-generational families in Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire and beyond, each with its own set of challenges and rewards. Whether we’re transforming large expanses of lawn into sumptuous gardens or working with existing gardens to create a more cohesive approach to match modern day living – we strive to create unique spaces for play, relaxation and entertaining.

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Our garden designs draw direct reference to the more traditional architectural elements of the home through a rectilinear layouts and large-scale planting borders. Elsewhere with more modern architectural styles, the garden is used to soften crisp contemporary architecture with organic sweeping planting shapes and meandering paths.

Stimulating the senses

We aim to stimulate all the senses within our garden designs, whether that’s the sound of water, the introducing of fragrant scent, materials soft to the touch, the use of fire to add kinetic light and source of heat to gather around, planting a visual feast of subtle and architectural planting styles, we incorporate fruit, vegetables, and herbs to be foraged on, our gardens are dynamic and for everyone to enjoy. By doing so, it encourages all members of the family to enjoy, appreciate and learn to interact with nature.

We design gardens that are bursting with personality, a muted air of sophistication, atmospheric spaces that transform your mood and embrace you, making you feel safe and at ease. Each garden is a true reflection of the owners, we want you to arrive home and feel a sense of belonging.

Wentworth Estate Garden Design

We recently completed a garden on the Wentworth Estate for an active family with many requirements for their outdoor space, whilst the property was conveniently located the property lacked charm and character. To soften the house, we installed mature planting, hedgerows, strong bones, fabulous herbaceous borders, scented climbers, areas to dine, play sports, relax, and cook. We paid particular attention to the orientation of the garden and when the family were most likely to use each aspect. The husband wanted to come home and enjoy the evening sun, the boys needed somewhere to kick around a football, play basketball and cricket, whilst the wife needed an area to entertain guests, garden and decompress. The garden was carefully divided into garden rooms, zoned off with hedging of varying heights, semi-transparent planting, textured hard landscaping to define each area, focal points, outdoor speakers, and ambient lighting. We’ve created an oasis behind closed gates, a Surrey Garden that makes a stately first impression, a warm environment for the adults to relax and the children to play.

We use clever techniques to borrow from the land beyond, we endeavour to make a garden feel as large as possible whilst including areas that feel more intimate. A garden should be cohesive in style, that’s not to say the atmosphere of each space needs to be the same, the juxtaposition between different areas plays an important part in making a garden feel like an experience rather than just a garden. There are gardens and then, there are Bradley Burgess Gardens, the very understanding of this remark stands us in good stead to becoming one of the best garden designers and landscapers in Britain. From creating country estate gardens, to smaller town gardens, we hope to realise and exceed your aspirations.