Residential Projects

Gardens for homes and country estates

Bradley Burgess has developed a reputation for creating gardens and landscapes that combine strong architectural form and naturalist planting. Our passion is to create gardens and landscapes that are seductive and absorbing in their visual beauty, harmonious, ever changing, and with a slowly unfolding story.

We create gardens to explore, inhabit and to enjoy. We strive to produce garden designs for our clients based on a thorough understanding of their requirements, the site and the needs and lifestyle of those who will inhabit the space. We create landscapes that appear restrained and uncluttered, but which reward exploration by gradually revealing their layers of complexity. Often crisply geometric, and with a deceptive simplicity of design and construction detail, they entice you through a progression of richly planted spaces, each with its own mood and character.

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Our designs thrive on the importance of establishing a borderless interplay between the interior and exterior, property, garden, and landscape. Contrast is at the core of our garden design process, we play with natural intervention and geometric form, strong architectural lines with soft planting, romance, and practical necessity. We hope to harness the infinite capabilities of the plant kingdom and often play with hundreds of plant species to create a succession of flowering throughout the year, we look at famous gardens and world-famous garden designers, historic gardens, contemporary gardens and draw from the natural landscape for inspiration. The walled kitchen garden in Berkshire required a combination of 280 species of plants to create a softness against the architectural hard landscaping lines.

Our client’s aspirations are the primary focus, and we place great emphasis on meticulous planning, project delivery, collaboration, and partnership. The result is a garden with an enriching sense of place and an environment of untamed imagination. Your garden should echo your personality, the land around it and the buildings that make it home. We’d like to work with you to realise your garden dreams and unlock the potential in your property.

All our gardens are completely bespoke and will stand the test of time. We work closely with architects, water feature artisans, sculptors, craftsmen, joiners, local materials, the finest suppliers, plant sourcing experts, and implementation teams to make sure your project comes in on time and on budget. Whilst we consider ourselves to be Country Estate Garden Designers, we work on projects of varying scale, often our clients have multiple homes, we’re adept at working on gardens in both town and country.